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Coffee Shops in North Georgia

Coffee Shops in North Georgia offer many great drinks as well as a pleasant atmosphere. There are many top coffee shops in North Georgia.  They all seem to have one thing in common and that is personality. Especially the independently owned coffee shops in Georgia express the uniqueness of their operator’s personality. Many of these Georgia coffee shops offer free wifi. Most will ask that you buy a drink and then they will give you the day’s key code then in a minute you will be surfing the web.

There are many top North Georgia Coffee Shops. One of my new favorite coffee shops is Steamin’ Joe in Marble Hill, Georgia. This shop has great tasting drinks and pastries. I love their Bagels. This shop has some of the “best bagels in North Georgia as well”. Also the Marble Hill residents love their Panini Sandwiches. The Big Canoe Resort coffee drinkers tell me they just love the atmosphere.

Steamers Coffee in Dawsonville also is a great coffee shop. It has many greta drinks including the famous Frozen Choo Choo’s. The owners David and Linda Duke carry on the tradition of serving great coffee for the coffee customers of North Georgia. They purchased this North Georgia coffee shop from Craig and Debbie Lawson who now own the coffee shop near Big Canoe Steamin’ Joes just mentioned above. The Dukes truly have one of the best original Georgia coffee shops.

Firehouse Coffee in Dahlonega , Georgia also is a great place to grab a cup of joe. This North Georgia coffee shop actually has a drive thru which is not a common feature in the mountains. They have an extensive menu and even serve hotdogs for the little ones. The owners are very pleasant.

Carriage House in Jasper Georgia also is a great place to visit. Besides coffee; they have a lunch menu that is sure to please. This is a great downtown style north Georgia coffee shop that is a true experience.

His Rock Coffee Shop is another North Georgia Coffee House. It is located in Downtown Dawsonville. It caters more to the young Christian crowd. It is famous for its concerts. It has just recently moved to Thunder Road close to the new Dawsonville Food Lion Store.

Crimson Moon is another fine coffee shop in Dahlonega Georgia that serves food as well as great music. They have great weekend entertainment where you can sip your latte while enjoying the great sound of North Georgian musicians.

There is also another coffee shop called Dorks that is located in the downtown part of Dahlonega Georgia as well. This is fun spirited place for North Georgia college students to hangout. They also carry on the tradition of serving fine coffees.

Jitterbug Coffee Shop in Cummin, Georgia  is also a North Georgia Coffee Shop filled with spirit. Just look at their colorful windows and you can tell this is a welcoming place. They also serve great coffee drinks and smoothies.
Devine’s Coffee in Cummin, Georgia also just opened up as another Georgia coffee shop. The owners where originally buying a Cuppy’s Coffee Franchise but decided to go it along at the last minute with his own concept. Thye have a good location and this location is very convenient.

Yes, North Georgia has lots of fine Coffee Shops. Visit one of these independent shops today for a great coffee beverage or a smoothie. Enjoy the culture and experience the uniqueness of these shops. With a troubled economy some of these shops may be struggling to survive. So if you can support them when you are in their area. Then enjoy the taste of the North Georgia Mountains coffee.



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